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By - Ramona Reed

6 Things You Will Learn During Your Safari Guide Training

Going on safari guide training can be an extremely rewarding experience that gives you the option to pursue a ‘dream career’ of working closely with some of the most amazing animals on the planet. During your safari guide training, you will learn a lot of things, including:

1.     Animals don’t follow the rules

While you have policy and guidelines, the animals don’t and therefore you will learn to think on your feet and learn the personalities of individual animals. While there are standard procedures that you need to practise and be able to perform, you will often learn many unspoken rules from more experienced people who know shortcuts that can be helpful in emergency situations.

2.     Guests can and will get on your nerves

Tourists can be obnoxious and rude no matter where you are, and you will learn this during your safari guide training. The important thing is that you will also learn how to deal with problematic tourists so that you are able to stay professional and not snap at them and lose your job.

On the other hand, many guests will be lovely and really add to your job fulfilment in the joy you see brought to their faces because of what you do.

3.     Understanding animal behaviour


Obviously, a big thing you are going to learn about during your safari guide training is how to safely escort a group of non-experts within photography distance of potentially deadly wild animals like lions and rhinos. You will learn to analyse every situation in a hundred different ways, your brain learning to automatically look for escape routes and places to hide if something goes wrong.

4.     Sleeping to the sound of the wild

During your safari guide training you will spend many nights sleeping under the stars and falling unconscious to the sounds of animals calls in the distance. While it can take some getting used to, you will soon find these sounds soothing when compared to the noise of living in a metropolitan area.

5.     Tricks for tracking animals

You will also learn all about the correct way to track animals so that you can catch up to any that have recently left an area you visit. This kind of animal detective work can make your tours really exciting and adds a unique element to each day you work – you won’t be bored!

6.     How to avoid getting lost in the wild

When you go on safari guide training you are also going to develop a good sense of navigation and how to avoid getting lost. You will get an instinctual second sense for the environment and learn to read animal behaviour to help you find your way.

7.     The difficulty of conservation

Your safari guide training won’t all be fun and games though – you will learn a lot about conservation efforts and policies around controlling the population of animals to maintain a balanced ecosystem. Sometimes you will encounter animals that are wounded and must be left for mother nature to consume or you may be asked to put an animal down by shooting it with a rifle.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you will learn during your safari guide training that are going to delight and confront you. Keep your wits about you and use common sense.

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