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By - Ramona Reed

Key Questions Clients Should Ask Aged Care Finance Services

Clients who enter into consultations with aged care finance services are advised to speak their mind and explore every option on the table.

These firms are in the best possible position to read the terrain, identify the opportunities and risks, and deliver their recommendations while managing all of the logistics.

Before letting this important time slip by and accepting the propositions that are put forward, it is worthwhile asking these key questions first.


“What Services Are Best For Me?”

Finding value for money is not always evident on face value when reading the aged care industry from afar. This is where aged care finance services have to do much of the groundwork and heavy lifting on their client’s behalf, ensuring they are putting the best outlets in play. Certain establishments will be geared towards individuals with high dependency on aged care services whilst others prefer a small footprint that improves their quality of life. The financial element is merely an extension of what home or facility is best for the person, outlining if the money is better served saved or placed elsewhere.


“Can I Transition Assets To Loved Ones?”

Even before a Will is drafted and those beneficiaries are protected, clients using aged care finance services might want to offer these key assets ahead of time whilst they make a transition to a home or facility. From property and vehicles to stocks, items of sentimental value or a portfolio, there can be goods that can be shifted ahead of time. Another option is to use the service provider to check and guarantee the details of a Will, giving them the assurance that the items will be in their position upon their death. This will give the client peace of mind and cover all of their bases in the process.


“How Can I Protect My Investments?”

There will likely be provisions, loopholes and finance options on the table for properties, investments and stocks that can be leveraged by aged care finance services. Whether the individual wants to increase their funds and let their retirement savings work for them or to secure guarantees for themselves and others in the family, these operators will be able to utilise best practice and look out for their interests. This can also be a means of mitigating against debt and rising interest rates, preventing those savings from diminishing.


“Where Can I Save Money?”

From the use of government rebates and subsidies to packages that lower initial fees, there are ways and means where money can be saved for clients. Aged care finance services are designed to ensure that individuals are not paying full price when there are complexities around policy and regulation that can otherwise be negotiated. All options will be placed on the table as partners and next of kin can be invited into the process according to the client’s wishes.


“What Other Services and Benefits Can You Offer?”

Sometimes it is valuable to simply throw the onus back onto aged care finance services and see what other services and skills they have in store. There might be corporate partnerships in play, special packages on offer or means of maneuvering assets around that look difficult on face value but offer more of a dividend for the participant. Creative thinking can be beneficial in these instances, so long as they meet their core objectives.


All of these questions are worthwhile exploring during official consultations between aged care finance services and their clientele. The best firms will be able to provide clarity with these questions and provide any more insights that can be utilised.


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