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By - Ramona Reed

Benefits of Sourcing The BYD Battery Box LV For Customers

A reliable source of energy to power a home or business should be a foregone conclusion in 2019.

However, amid all of the change and innovation that has taken place, there are providers who let constituents down with below standard technology.

Fortunately for the market, the BYD battery box LV does not fall into that category as it offers a wide array of options that suit any location across the country.

Time to take stock of the benefits of sourcing the BYD battery box LV for customers.


Easy Installation Process

Whilst they might involve a number of intricate pieces of technology, the BYD battery box LV follows an easy installation process for the customer. A single technician is called upon as an agreement is reached for an indoor or outdoor installation that utilises the power system. Other battery providers can be weighed down by basic logistics as they maneuver between sites, but this is a sleek design that embraces a user-friendly installation approach. Some owners feel confident engaging this exercise off their own accord should they have experience with BYD models before, but it is advised to leverage their expert operators on the ground to avoid any complications.


Flexible Battery Power Capabilities

The BYD battery box LV has been purposely engineered to deliver a wide variety of storage and volume capacity, ensuring that the customer is not overpaying for their quality of service. The Stacking Series ventures from 3.5 kilowatts/hour (kWh) to an expanded version of 42, giving additional storage capabilities for those that invest in the feature. The Professional Series takes this to another level, ranging from a modest 2.56 kWh to 441.6 kWh. The Residential Series on the other hand begins at the same juncture with 2.56 kWh and can be boosted to a marker of 81.92 kWh for a major residential investment. Whatever the demand and whatever the circumstances, this is a brand that can match those specific requirements.


On Grid vs. Off Grid Connections

Thanks to the Residential Series BYD battery box LV, customers can decide if they wish to invest in an item that connects to the local power grid or one that is self sustainable and run off the grid. That innovation alone makes it something of a market leader, ensuring that any preference is catered to should the grid either falter or become unreliable for residents and businesses alike. It is yet another example of flexibility for customers that might want to engage that option when it becomes more beneficial at a later juncture.


Quality Aesthetic Presentation

The sleek black and white design offered by the BYD battery box LV makes the product an attractive proposition for customers. Some businesses and households will simply opt to manage this item in a regulation storage facility out of sight and out of mind, but thanks to the design that does not have to be the case. Many batteries that run homes and offices don’t have that same care or eye for detail, but this is a brand that goes the extra mile for their clients.


Natural Cooling Application

One of the great fears that customers can have with opting for battery box products in this niche is sourcing a piece of technology that overheats. Much like computers that are outdated, they struggle to manage the high volume of power surging through the system as they crash and burn – literally! The good news is that consumers who invest in the BYD battery box LV is that it includes a natural cooling application. The inclusion of the safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry works to deliver on the rapid discharge and recharge metrics without creating the same level of heat of competing batteries. That system makes it safer for participants, not waking in the middle of the night fearing that the system has burnt itself out.

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