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By - Ramona Reed

What Is So Different in Glass Bongs

Users of bongs will definitely subscribe to this thought that glass bongs are more widespread in use than any other material. As a matter of fact, more than 75 percent sale of the product happens only with glass bongs. Therefore, it shows the affinity that users have with respect to this type of bongs. In many shops selling the product, one can see a large number of such bongs on display, and any new user may even feel that bongs are made only from glass which is not so!

Anyway, people who use the product can tell the difference between one made of glass and any other material like ceramic or polypropylene. One, glass is definitely lighter than other substances and therefore offers better portability. Moreover, even if it breaks, which the others are also susceptible to, a user may not feel bad as they are comparatively cheaper. This factor along with some others have made it a proven choice among users. Hence, we look at some of the factors for its success.


  • A royal and sophisticated look – No doubt that glass looks more elegant to any other comparable substance as there is more finesse in it. If it is a designer type of glass with a lot of colors and when there is smoke inside a glass bong, it can look wonderful from outside. People can exactly see what they are smoking and how much. This aspect weighs in heavily towards the product.
  • A lot of shapes and designs are available- As there is more leaning among customers towards glass bongs, more new products hit the market every day. Hence, one can expect to get a lot of designs and shapes in this type of bongs. There are artistic designs available that can be a sheer pleasure to watch. In fact, there are some people who only purchase bongs as a piece of decoration for their sheer display value!
  • Relatively cheaper than other materials – Glass bongs are quite cheaper than their counterparts. Since glass is the raw material in making them, they are abundantly available and also costs less than chemicals or ceramic. On any e-commerce site, one can easily get this type of bong from a starting price of within US$ 2! However, expensive variants can also be there depending upon choice and features.
  • These are used more abundantly – Due to the above-mentioned points, glass bongs are more abundantly used mainly because of clear visibility. A new user not, much acquainted with the product can always try it out by investing a small sum. Even if an interested person has used it somewhere, this type of bong can be ideal for first self-use and hence there is more interest in it. Moreover, with increasing awareness regarding the product, a lot of new users are getting attracted.

During the last few years, glass bongs have definitely been a success, and as more people start experimenting with this item, its sale is definitely going to increase. That is why there are a lot of dedicated sites that deal only with bongs and nothing else.

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