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By - Ramona Reed

Features of Human Resource Internships

The aim of conducting internships is to improve the performance of a student that of a professional. It is a training given to the student in which he or she has to perform all the duties assigned like a professional person. Each internship program differs from each other on the basis of the nature of the aspects handled. In case of the human resource internships, education and the career is well amalgamated so that the intention is acquired easily within the period of internship. There are various organizations and companies which offer human resources internships for the students. Some of the popular institutions and noted below with brief descriptions about the features of the internship programs provided by each of them. It is highly important to be noted that there will be variations in the schedule and content of the programs since each institution has their own freedom to decide the way how an intern should be.

office work


This is one of the leading institutions which offer many internship programs for students. Among those, personnel department training program by the team has become widely accepted because of the various features from appointing a recruiting officer to giving students to outsource the requirements. All the details about the internship program are given in the official website of the team.

BlueCross BlueShield

The team is located in South Carolina in Columbia. The tasks in the entry level and the supervision given to all levels are two of the main attractions of the team. The interns are divided into groups so that they can work in almost all the areas with efficient supervision. The general division of the interns into groups is done in the following way. Thirty percent of the interns are assigned to handle the reporting and information section. The interns are given certain tasks which ask them to maintain documents and all other related items. They have to follow the established procedures to complete the tasks though it is particular in nature. In fact the collection of information is the primary step in the entire workers segment study.

The other thirty percent of the interns are assigned to manage the tasks in the business area. This is highly useful for the interns to know more about the various significant operations in the company. How this is done is by assisting the working staff in different everyday activities and operations at different levels. It is to be noted that only ten percent of the rest is assigned to manage the tasks related to area. The educational qualification of the interns asked by the company is a high school diploma or any other equivalent qualifications.

The scope and applicability of the human resource internships are higher than that of other areas. Cummins is one of the famous companies which offer such internship programs and is famous for their comprehensiveness. BlueCross BlueShield is another popular company which also offers the same kind of internship programs and is famous for their systematic assignment of tasks for the interns.

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