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By - Ramona Reed

Are Vape Mods a Good Fit For You?

On your vaping journey from beginner to intermediate and finally to advanced, you are going to upgrade your vape device many a times. While you may choose to play safe and begin with starter kits to vape premium e liquid Australia, it is more likely that you may challenge the vaper in you over time. And somewhere along the way you would want to switch to bigger, bulkier and more complicated e-cigs, i.e., vape mods. But the question is when. To figure that out, have a look at various aspects of vape mods. Let’s understand vape mods and see if they are really a good fit for you.

What are vape mods?
They are a kind of e-cigarettes which are bigger in size, bulkier and have a more complex mechanism. In essence, vape mods are a modified version of vape pens (hence, mod in their name) with several advanced features to boot. The most exciting part of vape mods is the fact that they are more extensive in range than all other e-cigarettes collectively. They are not generally recommended to the newbie vapers simply because they would make vaping e liquid unnecessarily complicated for a beginner.


What are their categories?
If you want to go with the simple, durable and easy option, you can have mechanical mods to vape your e liquids. But in case you want to improve the heat by adjusting voltage or wattage, you may be left disappointed with mech mods. With all sympathy for unsatisfied users of mech mods, digital mods were introduced as a way to improve vaping premium e liquid in Australia and everywhere else. The biggest advantage you get with these mods is that you can personalize the heat (under certain safety restrictions of course) using variable settings.

What battery choices you get with them?
You can go with either built-in or removable batteries. If you don’t mind recharging your vape device, you should look for built-in battery options; that’s more convenient to handle. With removable batteries, especially if you have a spare one with you, you can charge the drained battery separately while you continue using your mod with a different battery. It gets better when you don’t have to wait for your mods to be recharged back again and that you can vape e liquid without dreading the low-battery sign. Removable ones are also great on the count that your vape device won’t turn into worthless if in case the battery dies.

Should you use it?
Now that we have already mentioned its complexity, we won’t recommend box mods to you if you have just begun vaping premium e liquid of Australian brands. They would only confuse you and can also pose a risk if you don’t get it all at once. So, put some time into vaping first and gain enough experience from it. Only then you should think of switching to advanced mods. They would be great for you to try in the later part of your vaping journey.

Well, should you use vape mods or not is all about your personal preference at the end of the day. But if you are not really sure about the mods, in spite of getting hands-on, you should look for other options of e-cigs. All that matters is how much you enjoy vaping your e-liquids.

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