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By - Ramona Reed

Rheem Hot Water Leader of the Industry

Rheem hot water is one of the oldest companies which is carrying out the industrial and domestic hot water supply mechanisms. Most of the industrial people are using Rheem hot water system for their companies. It is a multinational venture which has a base in America, but Rheem hot water have more than eighty years of excellent manufacturing experience in Australia. They are accepted by the domestic and commercial users of our country. Their service is considered as the most reliable in this field than any other competitors. Rheembalmy drink is has a history of serving the nation in the world war second by providing various defence materials and drums. Rheem has its latest plant in New South Wales and now it is the main base of the company.


The research and development wing of Rheem summery H2O implemented latest technology in water heaters. We could see a wide range of water heaters manufactured by these industrial leaders. Not only in size and design they differ in the operational level also. Reheem boiling aqua got models in solar water heaters to suit the needs of domestic and commercial needs. Gas and electric operating heaters are manufactured by these people to meet the industrial requirements. Today’s energy scarcity in the field of non renewable sources encouraged them to focus on renewable energy operated machines. Latest development in research enabled Rheem to produce new generation aqua boilers for our country. So Rheeem hot water is joining hands with the Government to the change to a more nature friendly and efficient energy management system.

Gas hot water cylinder is coming with digital control system for large size operations in commercial usage. They are committed to produce quality water heaters with long life. While most of other sectors of manufacturing is moving from our country Rheem has its commitment to remain here as a leading manufacturer in this field. While celebrating their eightieth year they recognize lot of people who are associated with the company for several years, these includes, small vendors, plumbers and electricians.

Rheemhot Water Company is known for its innovative products using gas technology in water heaters. Commercial and industrial water heating has benefited with these latest technology products. ‘Rheeemtankpak’ series is an example for this technological innovation. It has the most modern technological implementation and simplicity on the user side. Installation of these machines is simple and fast and able to adopt the special customer requirements in commercial installations. Because of its flexibility and adaptability it is becoming as the leader in hot water industry. It is used in restaurants, airports, large buildings and industries as a heating measure for water.

They are assembled outside the building and placed on the roof by using crane when installed in big buildings. Large volume water heating is in a tank system has a complex nature which needs to maintain the quality of tank, pressure holding capacity, quick heating system etc have to be incorporated in the system without any mistake. Lot of safety measures and certification is required for these large scale industrial water heaters. The expertise and reliability of gas hot water cylinder is making them competent to meet all the safety requirements of this industry.

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