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By - Ramona Reed

Contribution of Technology in Service Delivery Today

There is a significant change and improvement in the way countries are offering services to their citizens due to the rapidly improving level of technology. From the tracking of funds, management of programs, establishing eligibility and disbursement of benefits, technology has been at the center of them all. The huge lumps of data stored, and the need for easy retrieval has called for improvement in technology to ensure that there is efficiency in service delivery.

It should be noted that in the past, when one had the need for any service, they either had to travel in order to get personalized service. However, today, one does not need to undergo such stress since they can get instant support through online platforms that continue to make work easier. Automation of services in places such as supermarkets, airlines and gas pumps has greatly helped to reduce queues that were initially experienced. Upon calling an individual, you will receive an automated reply from software instead of a human.

Service delivery is also helping business owners to converse with their customers. Currently, with a single click, one can reach a client, make a payment and receive the service immediately. As such, advancement in technology has helped to increase the portfolio of service at minimal prices while communicating with all the customers at once.

Apart from technology helping to reduce costs, it also assists to gather vital client data, assess it to help meet their needs. As such, a business or company can use the statistics it gathers about the market to determine the areas that need improvement, new openings to target, and which products or services need personalization to increase customers’ satisfaction levels.

However, there are some critics that argue that technology is expensive to an organization due to acquisition and installation costs involved, maintenance and training of employees. Although technology has affair share of its disadvantage as some critiques may point, the benefits of technology in service delivery surpasses the negatives.

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