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By - Ramona Reed

Likely Challenges when Renovating an Old Home

There is some kind of character and uniqueness that accompanies older homes. These houses are characterized by special features such as architectural windows. Though many people enjoy these features, there comes a time when renovations are vital. However, renovating these homes can be quite costly when compared to the present homes. Therefore, it is important for a homeowner to decide whether it is better to renovate the old home or simply buy a new one.

For starters, if you are redesigning your lighting and bathroom fixtures, you need to prepare for costly installations as you replace the outdated electric fixtures and plumbing. For instance, galvanized pipes were a common fitting before the 1960s but they had the challenge of clogging and corrosion. As such, you may have to replace these pipes with newer models such as PVC during the renovation. Additionally, the electrical wiring in these homes may require an experienced electrician because they pose a serious safety hazard. Therefore, it will be quite expensive to carry out a complete overhaul of the plumbing and wiring.

Moreover, when renovating an old home, be prepared to encounter hazardous materials such as asbestos. It is not surprising to find asbestos in the floors, ceilings and roofing. Other harmful material that you can come across is lead in the paint that has lasted for decades. Ordinarily, these materials are harmless when undisturbed but renovation requires cutting and scrapping which may produce toxic dust. In such circumstances, you will be compelled to call in a professional who can identify and advice on the best ways of handling the renovation without posing a health risk to the renovators.

Finally, don’t get surprised when you visit a home improvement store and discover that the materials used in your home are unavailable. Therefore, before deciding on renovating an old home, ask yourself whether you are ready to bear the financial burden.

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