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By - Ramona Reed

How to Control your Child from Over Using the Internet?

All parents have one issue these days and that is how to control their children from over using the internet. Like most of the people will agree that children have stopped playing outdoor games and have become addicted to using their gadgets. Playing outdoors is very important for the growth and health of a child and it should be encouraged at all times. Moreover, over usage of internet will only make thing worse and make your child lazy, addicted and unhealthier by the day. This is the reason that parents should have strict restrictions on how and when a child can use the internet.

Some ideas on how to keep your child in check

  • Have a strict rule on the number of hours your child is allowed to use the internet. You can ask them to use the net for 2-3 hours a day and divide the hours in 2 or more sessions. Any usage more than 3 hours is only going to be harmful to your child.
  • No using the phone or net while eating should be followed on a regular basis. This rule should be a must in all houses and will give you and your child to have a good family bonding time together.
  • No matter what encourage your child to go out and play with friends. Playing with friends and not virtual friends or games is going to help him/her in interacting and building their personality in a better way.
  • Download an internet control app that is designed for parents to control the usage of internet. This app helps you restrict your child from over using the internet and you can choose the number of hours they are allowed to use it.

Do not feel guilty by restricting your child to use the internet, you should know that you will be doing so only to help him/her and for their betterment and there is no need to feel guilty about it.

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